Walgreens’ project on Armitage moving forward after community meeting

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An artist's rendering of the proposed Walgreens at Armitage and Dayton, with revisions.

As reported in various news outlets, plans for a new Walgreens at Armitage and Dayton are going forward.  There have been several revisions in the plans for the new building in part as a result of conversations with representatives of the Armitage-Halsted Landmark District Community Advisory Committee and also in response to comments by neighbors at the community meeting. 

These changes include respacing of the windows on the south elevation along Armitage, adding thicker mullions between the glass panels and a lowered front entrance, adding a 8-inch precast base on the bottom of that south elevation, and smaller, reshaped windows on the east elevation along Dayton.  Renderings of the south and east elevations before and after the changes accompany this article.  In addition the contractor, Centaur Co., has indicated that it will use a different type of brick than originally contemplated on the east elevation along Dayton with a softer, more muted color. Changes were made as a result of community input.

In addition, 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith’s office has solicited comments from the community regarding the operation of the business, including: (a) restrictions on the hours of deliveries, that they shall be made only through the rear loading area and other details; (b) store hours; (c) security; (d) trash removal; (e) urging employees to take public transit and discouraging double-parking; and (f) interior and exterior lighting and signage.  The Operating Agreement is still being negotiated and will be subject to community review and comment.  It is contemplated that the agreement will be signed with the Sheffield Neighborhood Association, which will have the right to enforce the terms of the Agreement.

Meanwhile, the contractor has obtained a foundation permit for construction.  It is estimated that the construction of the building will take approximately 10 months.

Ted Wrobleski chairs SNA’ s Planning Committee.