SNA seeks nominations for Sheffield Star Award

SNA established the Sheffield Star Award to build community spirit by publicly recognizing someone who embodies that spirit.  The Association presents the Award at its Annual Meeting in February.

Help SNA acknowledge someone special:  Nominate someone who made a unique contribution to the Association in 2014, generated exceptional work in the community in 2014, or has provided long-term service to Sheffield.  The recipient can be a resident, a business owner, a group, a student, a public official, or anyone who positively contributed to the neighborhood; the recipient need not be a member of the Association. 

To submit a nomination, please provide the nominee’s name, address, and telephone number along with a description of the nominee’s qualifications for the award.  Include your name and contact information, as well.  Send this information to Laury Lewis, Star Award Committee Chairman, at on or before January 5, 2015.