SNA seeks candidates for board of directors

Over the years, the Association has striven to maintain a board composition that reflects the entire Sheffield neighborhood, including businesses and institutions along with residents and property owners.  At the same time, the Association has tried to maintain a mix of experienced board members and new, and a mix of long-time Sheffield neighbors and recent arrivals. 

At its Annual Meeting in February, the Association members elect five (of the 15) directors along with each of the six officers.  Directors serve three-year terms; officers serve one-year terms.  The Nominating Committee soon will begin to review candidates for the 2016 SNA Board in anticipation of presenting a slate to the current board at its December meeting.  (Per the Bylaws, members also may nominate candidates by submitting the name of an eligible member to the Secretary 45 days before the election.)

Any person who is a member in good standing is eligible to be elected as a director or Secretary, Treasurer, or Assistant Treasurer.  A director in good standing who has served on the board for one year is eligible to be elected President, First Vice-President, or Second Vice-President.  Any member in good standing is entitled to vote for directors and officers; new members’ voting rights begin 30 days after joining the Association. 

A member must be at least 18 years of age and reside within the Association’s boundaries, or own property or a business within the boundaries, or represent a religious organization or institution within the boundaries.  A membership form is included in each issue of this newsletter and is available on the SNA website,; forms also are available upon request by calling or sending an email message to the Association.

If you are interested in serving or know someone who would be a valuable addition to the board, please contact the Association by sending an email message to the Association.  Those interested should provide a brief resume that includes a description of any volunteer experience.  Keep in mind that ours is a “working” board, i.e., we need nominees who can offer both their experience and time.

If you are unable to spare the time commitment required of an officer or director, or simply want to learn more about the Association before making that commitment, consider committee work.  Much of the work of the Association is accomplished via the committees, which make recommendations to the board.  Spreading the work of the Association beyond the board through its committees eases the burden on directors and officers and, more important, creates opportunities for broader participation of SNA membership.