SNA to consider 2015 donation requests

During the annual budgeting process, a subcommittee of SNA’s Budget Committee will evaluate the donation requests that the Association received throughout the year.  To be eligible for a donation, the applicant must be a not-for-profit group that meets at least one of the following criteria: 

1.  It offers programs that provide a needed or useful service to residents of the Sheffield neighborhood.

2.  It is located in or near the Sheffield neighborhood and has a history of being a good neighbor.        

3.  It offers programs or services that the board of the SNA believes contribute substantially to the betterment of the larger community or meet a specific need targeted by the board.

In addition, requests must be in writing, offer some background about the applicant, explain how the request fits the criteria, and describe how and when the applicant will use the funds.  These are neighborhood funds:  help the board determine how best to support your neighborhood. 

Donation request forms are available by sending an email request to