Program reveals the emerging digital history of Lincoln Park

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The Spring Program of the Lincoln Park Community Research Initiative on May 8 featured Rev. Edward Udovic, C.M., of DePaul University being interviewed by Miles Harvey, Associate Professor of English at DePaul, about his work creating an online resource for the history of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.  The program was titled “Lincoln Park Neighborhood History: Bringing Collections Online.”  

Fr. Udovic discussed the burgeoning field of “digital history,” the revolution in the availability of historical archive materials online, and the use of these materials in research in history and other academic and artistic endeavors.  Fr. Udovic has created a website on the platform   The direct link is!photos/list.   Over the past ten years, he has been searching eBay for postcards, old photographs, and other materials relating to Lincoln Park and the Lincoln Park neighborhood and acquiring them for the archives at DePaul.  Over the last year, he has organized these items and other photos and materials from the DePaul archives and other sources on the historypin platform.  The photos, ads, from old DePaul yearbooks and other materials are arranged on a map of Lincoln Park.  For many locations, a current photo and a historic photo appear, showing the changes that have occurred over the years.  The site also offers “Tours” that are organized by subjects, such as residences; apartments and hotels; schools and churches; and others.  The historypin platform also hosts numerous other websites relating to a variety of history-related topics.

This site has room for many more items and thanks to Fr. Udovic’s efforts continues to grow each day as to the acquisitions of materials for the archives.  Check out the site.  If you have items that you would like to donate to the DePaul archives, contact the DePaul library at

The LPCRI is a combined effort of DePaul University and the community to preserve and promote awareness of the Lincoln Park neighborhood, including the collection of items for the Lincoln Park archives at the DePaul University library, sponsoring of research, and conducting two programs each year relating to Lincoln Park and its history.  Look for another interesting program this fall.

Ted Wrobleski chairs SNA’s Planning Committee.