Community safety update

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After a harsh winter that we would rather forget, let’s get on with 2014. With a few safety tips, we can aim for an accident-free spring and summer.

Some of these have been mentioned in previous articles:

  1. Do not leave the back or front door open or unlocked while you are in the yard cleaning up. A burglar takes about 5 to 10 minutes to go through a house.
  2. Garages left open are an invitation to thieves; in the morning while walking the dog, I find a couple of open doors each week. Be extra-cautious:  close and lock your garage doors every night.
  3. They might look sincere, but try to avoid hiring one of the street people; there is a reason they are street people. They might have various addictions that might lead to your loss.  If for any reason you wind up with one of the street people in your foyer or on your porch, do not confront them; they can become belligerent.  Some of them are armed, so always use caution.
  4. I have had a few incidents that thankfully ended well, some with the help of the police. I usually ask them to leave from a safe distance.  If they do not obey, I have had to call 911. The police are better suited to handle these situations.

This time of year is great to light the grill for some summertime fun.  Check your hoses and connections; this past harsh winter could have damaged both the connector and hoses.  Every time you start to grill, open the cover and let it air out to avoid a buildup of gas fumes.

Enjoy the summer and especially enjoy the 2014 SHEFFIELD GARDEN WALK AND MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Go to a beat meeting — you could learn a great deal!

Crime Reminders, Bulletins

  1. Always remember when something seems suspicious or you witness a crime, do not hesitate to call 911.  Without your help, the Chicago Police have a harder time protecting the neighborhood.
  2. SNA urges you to sign up for crime bulletins provided the Chicago Police Department’s Sergeant Schulman.  The bulletins advise the community of the area incidents and/or criminals that are operating in this neighborhood.  Sign up by sending a request via email to  If you have any questions regarding the latest crime bulletin, call the 18th District Community Policing Office at 312-742-5778.

Crime Track

For some time, SNA has tracked the major incidences of crime, to keep the neighbors informed. Your vigilance has helped the police to keep this area’s crime incidence down.  Please keep up the good work by getting involved with the CAPS meetings and calling 911.

Initially, the project has been tracking non-domestic crimes to persons that occur on the streets, sidewalks, and alleys.  The statistics will be somewhat dated in that they are based upon what is available from the Chicago Police Department’s CLEARpath website on the date that material must be submitted for publication.  Thus, for this issue, the project tracked crimes from February 16 through April 16, 2014. This is not every incident but gives a good representation of the activity.

FEB. 16/ 02:00 AM 900 W. Fullerton Street Strong Armed Robbery
FEB. 22/ 3:35 AM 900 W. Fullerton Sidewalk Armed Robbery
FEB. 25/ 3:10 PM 2000 N. Halsted Sidewalk Simple Assault
MAR. 13/ 1:20 PM             1200 W. Fullerton Street    Simple Assault
MAR. 16/ 3:11 AM 2000 N. Clybourn Street Domestic Battery
MAR. 31/ 5:30 PM 2100 N. Clybourn Alley Simple Assault
APR. 11/ 11:30 PM 1100 W. Armitage Street Armed Robbery
April 11/ 02:00 AM 2000 N. Halsted                 Sidewalk Simple Battery
April 13/ 5:40AM 900 W. Fullerton Street    Strong Armed Robbery


Feb 16-April 16 (approximately 60 days) x 9 incidents = 1 incident per 6.66 days

Upcoming Dates to Remember

CAPS Meetings:

The Chicago Police Department ‘smonthly CAPS meetings are helpful in understanding the policing efforts in our district (the 18th).  The police prepare charts and maps that identify all crimes committed in the last month and discuss their efforts to arrest the perpetrators.  They also bring the incident reports if a member of the community wants further details of a crime.  In addition, the police bring guest speakers from the various departments to discuss their roles in the prevention of crime and give helpful suggestions on how the community can help.  The police have a number of pamphlets pointing out ways to protect yourself and the community, as well.

Attending a CAPS meeting is the best way to communicate your concerns to the officers who patrol your community.  SNA members attend the meetings, but they need your support.  I strongly urge members of the community to take an active interest in the CAPS program to show community support for the police.

*Beat 1811, 1812, 1813 & 1814

(1811-North Ave north to Fullerton, Sheffield west to the Chicago River)

(1812-Amitage Ave north to Fullerton, Sheffield east to Sedgwick)

(1813- North Ave north to Armitage, Sedgwick west to Sheffield)

(1814-North Ave north to Fullerton, Sedgwick east to the lakefront)

2nd Thursday of every odd month at 7 pm Old Town Triangle Center, 1765 N. North Park Ave.

John Roberts chairs SNA’s Community Safety Committee.