Community safety update

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With the school year about to start and summer winding down, let’s review some basic safety tips that have been mentioned in previous issues.

Drivers should use extra caution, especially in the morning and afternoon, when children are walking to and from school. Intersections do not always have crossing guards and the children sometimes forget to stop and wait for traffic. Bicyclists, like drivers, need to pay attention at intersections; pedestrians, young and old, should be granted the same courtesy as the cyclists expect. As parents, remind your children of the rules that pertain to intersections, such as stop and look in both directions before proceeding to cross. Children also should be reminded about the dangers of jaywalking, especially of walking out from between parked cars. These reminders are more crucial when the weather conditions worsen, and the days get shorter as we head into winter. On wet pavement, cars take longer to stop.

Parents should also remind your children about “MR. STRANGER DANGER.” If any person approaches your child offering a ride, or soliciting help to find a pet and/or an offering of candy, tell your child to run and scream for help. If a business is open, tell your children to enter the store and tell the clerk what has happened and ask the clerk to please call the police. If at all possible, try to remind your child to describe the person when the police arrive. No matter how little the incident, you should call 911 to report any attempt, even if it is after the fact. Without your feedback ,the police will not know that a predator is lurking.

Personal Safety

With the recent incidents of robbery that unfortunately have occurred, a few reminders will at least try to help the situation:

  • Please take the stereo headsets out of your ears; you have no awareness of who is approaching from the rear, which is ideal for a mugger. Also, it makes the snatch-and-run scenario much easier.
  • Try to look around if you are texting; be aware of your surroundings. I have had to say many a time, “Look up,” before the person walks into me. You have to protect yourself from harm; be aware.
  • Try walking with a friend.
  • Try and stay out of the alleys, especially at night.
  • Remember, if you feel threatened or become a victim, call 911 and report it.
  • A new threat at gas stations is the thieves called “sliders.” As you pump gas and are distracted, they will “slide” low to the ground, open the passenger side of the vehicle and steal your valuables (purses, cell phones) without you being aware. When pumping gas, lock your doors and be aware.

Fall Safety Tips

With summer fading and fall about to arrive, a few safety tips will help make it better. Try and keep your doors locked while you are out in the garage, raking leaves and/or doing general cleanup. With your attention on the task, it only takes a little effort and time for a burglar to enter and leave your residence with your valuables. Also be wary of the transient person offering to help; he might actually want to work, but he may be casing your property. Always pay him after the fact and after you are satisfied. Note: Be a nosy neighbor (a burglar’s worst enemy); when you are outside and you notice something suspicious, call 911.

Crime Reminders, Bulletins

  1. When something seems suspicious or you witness a crime, do not hesitate to call 911. Without your help the Chicago Police have a harder time protecting the neighborhood.
  2. SNA urges you to sign up for crime bulletins provided by Chicago Police Department Sergeant Schumann. The bulletins advise the community of the area incidents and/or criminals that are operating in this neighborhood. Sign up by sending a request via email to If you have any questions regarding the latest crime bulletins, call the 18th District Community Policing Office at 312-742-5778.

Crime Track

For some time, SNA has tracked the major incidents of crime to keep the neighbors informed. Your vigilance has helped the police to keep this area’s crime incidents down. Please keep up the good work by getting involved with the CAPS meetings and calling 911.

Initially, the project has been tracking non-domestic crimes to persons that occur on the streets, sidewalks, and alleys. The statistics will be somewhat dated in that they are based upon what is available from the Chicago Police Department’s CLEARpath website on the date that material must be submitted for publication. Thus, for this issue, the project tracked crimes from June 22, 2013, through August 19, 2013. This is not every incident, but gives a good representation of the activity.


JULY 5/12:32 PM 

2000 N. Dayton 



JULY 18/12:45 AM 

900 W. Armitage 


Simple Assault

JULY 18/12:45 AM 

2100 N. Dayton 


Armed Robbery 

JULY 21/10:00 AM 

2200 N. Kenmore 


Simple Assault

AUG. 4/12:33 AM


2100 N. Magnolia


Sexual Abuse

AUG. 5/11:20 PM 

 1000 W. Belden


Armed Robbery 

AUG. 11/3:47 AM 

900 W. Armitage


Strong Armed Robbery 

AUG. 13/5:45 PM 

2300 N. Racine 


Simple Battery 


June 22-Aug 19 (approximately 58 days) x 8 incidents = 1 incident per 7.25 days 

Upcoming Dates to Remember

CAPS Meetings:

The Chicago Police Department’s monthly CAPS meetings are helpful in understanding the policing efforts in our district (the 18th). The police prepare charts and maps that identify all crimes committed in the last month and discuss their efforts to arrest the perpetrators. They also bring the incident reports if a member of the community wants further details of a crime. In addition, the police bring guest speakers from the various departments to discuss their roles in the prevention of crime and give helpful suggestions on how the community can help. The police have a number of pamphlets pointing out ways to protect yourself and the community, as well.

Attending a CAPS meeting is the best way to communicate your concerns to the officers who patrol your community. SNA members attend the meetings but they need your support. I strongly urge members of the community to take an active interest in the CAPS program to show community support for the police.

*Beat 1811, 1812, 1813 & 1814

(1811-North Ave north to Fullerton, Sheffield west to the Chicago River)

(1812-Amitage Ave north to Fullerton, Sheffield east to the Sedgewick)

(1813- North Ave north to Armitage, Sedgwick west to Sheffield)

(1814-North Ave north to Fullerton, Sedgwick east to the lakefront)

2nd Thursday of every odd month at 7 pm, Old Town Triangle Center, 1765 N. North Park Ave.

John Roberts chairs SNA’s Community Safety Committee.