2015 SNA Annual Meeting

2015 Sheffield Star Award recipients Randy Royer, Laurie Dombrowski, and Hilliary Szanto at the SNA Annual Meeting. Photo for SNN by Tony Dombrowski.

The Sheffield Neighborhood Association elected new leadership and recognized service to the community at its 2015 Annual Meeting.

SNA Board members and neighbors braved the snow to gather at Arrogant Frog, 1365 W. Fullerton, on Thursday, February 26, to discuss the state of the neighborhood and look ahead to 2015.

The following slate of SNA officers and directors was unanimously approved by the SNA members present at the meeting:

Officers (One-year term):
President - Malcolm Lambe,
 First Vice President - Ted Wrobleski,
 Second Vice President - Laury Lewis,
 Treasurer - Randy Royer,
 Assistant Treasurer - David Zoretic,
 Secretary - Lisa Elkins.

Directors (Term expires 2018):
 John D’Antonio, Patty Hayes, Ann Redgate, Hilliary Szanto, Josh Thornton; (Term expires 2017): Cadey O’Leary; (Term expires 2016): Kate Jakubas, Holly Panter.

SNA Board member Laury Lewis presented SNA’s annual Sheffield Star Awards, which are given to people and organizations who make significant contributions to the Sheffield community. This year’s recipients were SNA Board members Randy Royer, Laurie Dombrowski, and Hilliary Szanto.